West Virginia Wesleyan College Vandalia Arts Journal

The WVWC Vandalia Arts Journal is an annual publication of West Virginia Wesleyan College. The journal features select literature and visual art pieces from students and faculties. I served on the editorial staff for 2 years assisting with selections as well as layout design. I was also tasked with creating the Vandalia’s identity my first year on staff. In previous years, the Vandalia‘s design was random and inconsistent, with logo or identity of its own on campus. The Editor in chief tasked me with creating an identity so the Vandalia could establish an identity on campus that could be recognized for years to come.

I started by researching the word “Vandalia” to find it’s meaning, and discovered it was once the proposed name of a British colony that mostly consisted of what is now West Virginia. I wanted my design to play on this idea of the new discovery and wilderness, as well as West Virginia’s deep connections to it’s past. I came up with the idea to use a paintbrush and pencil, the tools of the artists in this publication, to create a compass like icon, using the letters of Wesleyan, WVWC, as the guiding symbols. I picked a strong and vintage looking typeface for “Vandalia” and modern, handwritten style typeface for “Arts Journal” to represent what I believe these two identities represented.

When creating the layout design, I loved the idea of using this as an opportunity to display the unique beauty of West Virginia and the surrounding area. In my first year layout design, I chose photos from the local historical society. In my second year, we used submitted landscape photos of West Virginia. In this edition I also wanted the section headers to feel like they were part of the environment, like the work that was contained with were also connected to its surroundings. All these concepts and designs left the Vandalia a building block to work from for years to come.